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Scholl Concepts South Africa

School Concepts are a German producer of premium, innovative car care and maintenance systems for the automotive repair and paint industry. 
We are the South African agents for Scholl Concepts.

Scholl Concepts has been catering to the requirements of the car care industry for over 50 years. Our customers in South Africa include OEM’s such as BMW, Mercedes Benz and Ford as well as commercial body shops and car enthusiasts.  We also supply detailing products to yacht builders and luxury boat owners in the marine sector.

We have a products for every facet of automotive detailing and pride ourselves on producing high-grade, innovative and unique products.


Scholl Concepts Car Care Guide

Our range of products is extensive and includes polishes, waxes, pads and applicators for both the interior and exterior of the vehicle.
We offer a product that has been specifically designed to give the best finish to each part of the vehicle.
Most of products have been packaged for both individual use and for commercial purposes.

Scholl Concepts Product Range

Exterior Car Care

Scholl Concepts ICE Glass Cleaning Gel 500ml

ICE Glass Cleaning Gel 500ml

RIM Cleaner Gel 500ml

SPAM Universal Cleaner 500ml

SLIME Tyre-Dressing Gel 500ml

Eraser Blue Clay Bar 200g

Interior Car Care

Scholl Concepts ICE Glass Cleaning Gel 500ml

ICE Glass Cleaning Gel 500ml

SPAM Universal Cleaner 500ml

PURPLE Vinylcare Liquid 500ml

SKIN Leather Care Gel 250g


No Gloss Wax 500ml

W6+ Premium Glaze Wax 1Ltr

W9 2 in 1 Premium Glaze Wax 1Ltr

SW20 Premium Speed Wax 500ml

SW30 Supergloss Speed Wax

SW40 Carnauba Speed Wax 500ml


A15+ 1-Step all round polish 1Ltr

S0 Matting Compound 1KG

S2 Orange Rubbing Compound 1KG

S3 Gold Rubbing Compound 1KG

S17+ High Performance Compound 1KG

S20 Black Real 1-Step Compound 1KG

S30+ Nano-Compound Green 1KG

scholl concepts S40 AntiSwirl Compound Black 1KG

S40 AntiSwirl Compound Black 1KG

Pad and Applicators

Soft Touch Topwool pad

Orange Waffle Pad 85mm

Orange Polishing Pad

(Medium & Large)

Purple Spider Pad

(Small, Medium & Large)

NEO Honey Spider Pad

(Medium & Large)

Black Soft Touch Waffle Pad

Sandwich Spider Pad

NEO Honey Spider Puck

Spider Cleaning Puck

Hand Puck


M0 Extreme Cutting Compound 1KG

M3 Extra Heavy Rubbing Compound 1KG

M20 Cut & Finish Real 1-Step Compound 1KG

NEO Polymer Protection 5ltr

Scholl Concepts ICE Glass Cleaning Gel 500ml


ICE Glass Cleaning Gel 500ml

The innovative ICE Cleaner Gel is a unique and highly effective, glass and water spot cleaning product.

The high viscosity gel formulation with its distinctive, integrated “Run-Off Stop” technology cleans glass, paint and other smooth surfaces in seconds. ICE does not run-off, even when sprayed on vertical surfaces, making it more effective and economical to use.

Well suited to easily remove stubborn chalk- and water spots after car wash. A must have for any car enthusiast.